Welcome to MOxLAD
Welcome to MOxLAD
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The Montevideo-Oxford Latin American Economic History Data Base, 'MOxLAD', is a partnership between the Economic and Social History Programme (PHES), of the Universidad de la República, Montevideo, and the Latin American Centre and the Department of International Development, Oxford University. The objective of the partnership is to expand and update the database previously known as OxLAD, and develop related activities. The database contains statistical series for a wide range of economic and social indicators covering twenty countries in the region for the twentieth century up to today. Its purpose is to provide economic and social historians worldwide with a systematic collection of available statistical information in a single on-line source. The data presented in MOxLAD have been collected with a view toward providing comprehensive coverage while ensuring as much consistency and inter-country comparability as possible in the definition, coverage, and valuation of the series. The initial goal was systematic coverage of the twentieth century, but this is now being expanded, both backwards to 1870 and forwards to 2010.

The MOxLAD team has been carrying out a process of systematic revision and updating of the database, with particular focus on the national accounts series. However, we are conscious of the fact that many of the series can be further improved based on current research being conducted in the region. Therefore, we trust that by making MOxLAD available to the public we can promote discussion between the producers and users of this information, further enriching the process of revision and updating. We hope that MOxLAD can create a space for scholars to meet, debate and collaborate.  In order to foster this, we have created mechanisms for submitting questions, comments and criticisms, as well as public forums for debating about sources and procedures.

The original database derived from a project on the economic history of twentieth century Latin America, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, which resulted in the study published as Thorp, R,. Progress, Poverty and Exclusion: an Economic History of Latin America in the Twentieth Century (Washington D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank 1998). The material appeared as the statistical appendix to Thorp 1998 and was compiled by Pablo Astorga under the direction of Valpy Fitzgerald and Rosemary Thorp. The data base was corrected, updated and expanded during 2002-3 by Ame Bergès under the guidance of Valpy Fitzgerald. This was made possible by a grant from the Hewlett Foundation.

The MOxLAD is currently managed by Luis Bértola (PHES), who coordinates the Executive Committee, also composed of Valpy FitzGerald (Department of International Development), José Antonio Ocampo (Columbia University) and Diego Sáchez (Latin American Centre). The working team at Montevideo is also made up of Jorge Álvarez, Gastón Díaz and Sabrina Siniscalchi.

The International Advisory Committee is so far composed of Rosemary Thorp (Chair), Pablo Astorga, Victor Bulmer-Thomas, Enrique Cárdenas, John Coatsworth, Renato Colistete, Carlos Contreras, Roberto Cortés Conde, José Díaz Bahamonde, Daniel Díaz Fuentes, Pablo Gerchunoff, André Hoffman, Shane Hunt, Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid, Héctor Pérez Brignoli, José Alejandro Peres Cajías, Leandro Prados de la Escosura, Ricardo Salvatore, Richard Salvucci, Bruno Seminario, Xavier Taffunel, Antonio Tena and César Yáñez.

The present expansion is being funded by the Economic and Social History Programme of the Universidad de la República, Montevideo (project “Latin American Development in Comparative Perspective”, GUINCHE-group granted by CSIC; Economic and Economic History Data base). It is also supported by grants from Oxford University (Latin American Centre and the Department of International Development) and the Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay.